Which Is Best At Reducing Weight- Diet or Exercise?


I once asked my colleagues and friends which between exercise and diet works best. Unfortunately, I was more confused by the census since 2 out of 3 people I asked selected a combination of both. The confusion was majorly due to my usage of both two methods without getting the result I admired. One thing clear to me was that there were some facts between the two that people didn’t comprehend. Therefore, I researched on different aspects of these two elements and came to a conclusion. This article lays out all my findings on the method that works best in weight loss. For a greater success in weight loss, you can start by reading my findings detailed in this article.

Here are some basic points that I have analyzed in order to offer you better understanding on the performance of diet and exercise. First it is important to acknowledge that your body is unique and so what works for someone else does not necessarily mean will offer you same results. Additionally, metabolism is slowed down by crash diets and fad diets. It is vital to check out your lifestyle and body type before deciding on which weight loss program to pick. In occasions where the weight gain is genetically influenced or affected by a medical condition, a doctor should be consulted. Finally, physical activity aid in situations where one has mental illness such as anxiety and depression.

The first main point to comprehend is the 80/20 rule also known as the Pareto principle. This principle is simply all about putting in less effort while getting more result. The rules expects 20% effort to be put in while expect an 80% result. This principle can also be utilized in weight loss but in a considerably unique way. When it comes to weight loss, nutritionist and fitness gurus agree that 20% of the efforts to be directed towards exercise while 80% is allocated to diet. Most of us with me included often under estimated the used calories and overestimate the expenditure of energy. This is due to the differences in amount of calories needed by each individual to stay alive and also differences in energy spent during exercises. Even though individuals may have engaged themselves in similar activities, for the same period and at equal intensity their energy consumption is totally different. One should maintain there own diet even during lunch dates and weekends since plays a major part in weight loss. One can avoid doing an hour of Bikram Yoga or running ten miles daily to burn cupcakes, soda, a huge piece of cake that seemed appetizing yet dangerous or potato wafers by sticking to a diet.


Nevertheless, this brings us to the question of whether focus on diet and forego exercise. I established that apart from weight loss, an accurately monitored diet may also lead muscle mass lose. Since muscles contain huge numbers of mitochondria, metabolism is slowed down to a great extend by weight loss. Glucose in the body is converted to energy or ATP with the assistance of mitochondria and so mitochondria’s number reduces slowing down metabolism. The best prevention to such condition is exercise. As a matter of fact, it is advisable that one engages in cardio for about 2 to 3 days and trains for strength for 3 days. However, there are also some other elements that one should know and it is detailed in the following section.

Another finding to acknowledge is that the need for exercise and cutting down calories differs as the age changes. Loss of muscles normally begins in late 30s and so developing some lean muscle mass and preventing muscle loss should be a priority for individuals in that age bracket. Several exercises can be undertaken in the gym using the available weights. As long as one keeps it interesting, he/she will be able to avoid looking toned and loss muscles. Nevertheless, one needs to seek advice from a doctor in order to know which exercises may be a risk to life and cause bone injuries. As age moves on several health conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular problems and diabetes may start to appear and so one should be keen with their salt and sugar intake. Having control of what one consumes plays a major role in protecting an individual against these diseases that may turn out to be life-threatening.

This leads us on to understanding the importance of diet when it comes to weight loss. When it comes to losing weight, diet is very vital since improper diets can easily cancel out the all the effects of work out. In order to attain a 1 pound weight, one must burn 3500 calories lose in a week. This implies that a person must engage in about 55 minutes of nonstop Zumba or run for a minimum of 45 minutes at a speed of 8 mph in order to burn 500 calories a day. Many individuals assume that it is easy to eat two pizza slices and sweat them out in the gym but that is not the case. The two pizza slices contain about 560 calories and to be burned they will require about an hour of nonstop Zumba or 65 minutes of normal cycling. Since this may end up being too dangerous and risky, it is vital that one contemplates the worth of going against the appropriate diet. Even though sometimes an individual may feel free to enjoy themselves, picking healthier a meal is necessary.

Finally we can wind up this discussion with determining the winner of the contest between diet and exercise. My research indicates that diet wins among the two since exercise constitutes to only one pillar of weight while diet makes up three pillars. Therefore, weight loss can be so difficult without a suitable diet even if one spends numerous hours in the gym. Additionally, weight loss can be successfully achieved without the necessity of exercise. Regular exercise over time enhances the fight against chronic conditions and improves metal health.


In conclusion, the path to weight loss is not a smooth one, ones’ will power to achieve goals and stay put are to be tested greatly. However, improvements in general lifestyle and following the 80/20 rule can leave an individual with an improved mental health, better feeling and enhance his/her activeness and productivity. Therefore, keeping the four pillars of weight loss in mind one can achieve weight loss without going through peculiar diets. Questions can be posted in the chat box below.

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