Wardrobe resolutions to make in 2019


If you vowed that 2019 would be the year you became stylish, then there is still time to do so. You still have time to transform your look this year. We have all suffered from the need to hold onto our old clothes, even those we no longer wear. Others buy outfits to attend a wedding or party while others go on a shopping spree as a response to stressful situations. At one point or the other, you have bought an outfit that looked great at the stall, but for some reason, it still hangs on the wardrobe, never once been worn. This article aims to help you get rid of these lousy shopping habits and give you solutions that will help you shop smarter, make space and look fabulous while at it.


It’s important to note that going for a special occasion does not always mean getting something new. Instead, buy versatile, classic and simple clothes that can be accessorized to suit the occasion.
Are you guilty of buying dresses that are two sizes too small even though you know they won’t fit? Do you buy with a plan to lose the weight to fit into the dress? Are you a hoarder? Do you still own outfits that don’t fit or that you’ve outgrown? Have you noticed there is no more space to put new ones? You can get rid of this habit by donating all these clothes to charity. It’s hard to get rid of outfits, especially if they hold fond memories but, they must go if you are not wearing them.

Immediately you get rid of all the clothes you don’t wear, start the “one in one out” rule. For every item you purchase, one goes off your wardrobe. This way there will always be space left for the new ones. It will also be hard to buy more clothes if you know you must lose one of your favorite pieces. Your shelves will be free plus you will save yourself some cash.

Bargains are another weakness. Big discounts are incredible to take advantage of but only buy an outfit only when you need it. You can use this opportunity to buy investment designer pieces but do not just buy because they are giving a good deal- you will be wasting your money.


The same goes for shopping sprees. Don’t do them! Extravagant shopping sprees, especially for trending clothes, are not worth it. Soon, something else will be trending, and now you have a wardrobe full of clothes you can’t wear.

In case you occasionally want to have a new outfit, plan to get one every month. This way, you get a stylish wardrobe because of a well thought out decision. It’s not surprising that some of you don’t exactly know what’s in your closet. There are some great clothes you haven’t worn in a long time, and maybe it’s time to let them out. Make a habit of going through your closet to find out what you have and what is missing before going to buy. It will help you save money and save on space.


You may be surprised to realize that among these clothes are damaged ones you make stylish again. Find a good dressmaker or a restoration company to help you with this. The amount you spend fixing will be cheaper than that of buying. Moreover, that worn out t-shirt could become a beautiful skirt, if you find an experienced dressmaker.

To become a stylish dresser, go window shopping in other shops. Don’t get stuck and comfortable on one. Go out, experiment. Find other shops and labels. There are so many brands hitting the market, most of them better than the last. Explore all year round, and you will find that from shopping from affordable brands to high-end designer labels, you have found some stylish outfits.
Again, if you like a specific navy-blue jumper, don’t always go for the navy-blue jumper. Instead, find out why you love the jumper. Is it the material, the shape, how it fits your body or the details? This way, whenever you go shopping for a sweater, you buy what suits you.

You don’t need a huge budget to get a stylish wardrobe in 2019. All you need are some well thought out, sensible and good decisions. Buy what you need, what you can accessorize for different occasions and only outfits that make you feel great. After purchase, take good care of your clothes. You will save on space, save money and look stylish while at it.

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