Top trending outfits we’ll be wearing in 2019


These are the trends that will change your wardrobe in 2019. The fashion houses are all for promoting diversity through clothes that make women feel powerful and confident. These pieces incorporate everything from relaxed outwear to longer lengths and comfortable tailoring. They are very easy trends to adopt, and you will love having themand wearing them. Your 2019 summer wardrobe should include some of these pieces since the season is already showing signs of being a scorcher.

The oversized hats are going to be one of the things you need in your 2019 summer closet. They will become a staple for the streets, tea partiesand on the beach once the sun starts scorching. Some of the top brands that have showcased these large hats include Ryan Lo, RejinaPyo, Simone Rocha, and Xiao Li.

It’s not summer without some shorts and last year; the cycling shorts were a thing. This year, however, sensible shorts have stolen the show. The looser boyish alternative is now the summer go-to. These looser shorts can be rocked chicly, casually and in numerous other ways.

Pleats were also a thing last year, and it seems this trend is continuing this year. However, loose pleats have taken a backseat, and now tight pleats are the order of the day. The tighter and micro pleat generates more movement, creates more impact and a changing silhouette when it contracts and expands. Major designers who’ve showcased this include Givenchy, Balmain, and Roland Mouret.

The 60s are also back with the tie and dye fabric. After trending then, it’s back with chicer creative patterns and designs. Tie-dye is beautiful and will pop in the summer and in other settings too. Designers spotting this include Stella McCartney, R13 and Prabal Gurung.

Another style back from the oldies is the extra puffed shoulders. Maybe all the inspiration that designers needed for their comeback is last year’s royal drama. The style classically brings out all the feminine features with a more structured tummy area. Let’s hope the weather will allow us to rock it without a jacket. Some of the designers who’ve showcased the puffed shoulders include Rodarte and Saint Laurent.

The sequins are also back like they never left. They have become a trend each year, but this year has newer variations to add a little pop. You can go for the gently beaded style for a birthday party and switch to a blindingly glitzy Halpern later. Some of the designers showcasing this include Ashish, House of Holland and Roberta Einer.

It’s not summer without flats, and this year, they are taking over from the heels. They have made a comeback with a fancier look this time. Ladies love their heels but are also opting for comfy lifestyles in terms of footwear. It’s time to give the painful leg cramps from walking in heels a rest. The flats are elegant and comfy too. These designs are available with Valentino, Temperley London and Burberry.

Last summer’s weather was unpredictable, and this year, there is no taking chances. The designers have come up with a waterproof outfit for the summer. March Jacobs, Jil Sander, Sportmax, Max Mara,andEtro are some of the designers who already have this in their collection. When summer comes, don’t forget to grab a summer waterproof as you grab your bikini and sunglasses.

It looks like even in 2019, people are yet to get tired of fringes. They trended in 2018 and will trend even more this year. They are on outfits, and accessories such as bags, shoes, earrings and so many more. Tom Ford, Coach, and Cushnie are some of the brands showcasing these beautiful ensembles.

If you are a brave soul, then Neon is your go-to outfit in 2019. It takes a fashion-oriented soul to style the bright neon and not look like a Christmas light. You can rock them with one color or mix them up for amore colorful look. Some designers to inspire you include Jasper Conran, Roksanda, Natasha Zinko,and Regina Pyo.

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