Tips and Tricks to Stop Embarrassing Underarm Sweating


There is nothing more embarrassing and uncomfortable as underarm sweating that leaves a greasy stain on your favourite shirts. Sweaty underarms can make you give an embarrassing sweaty hug or an awkward high-five. Sweaty underarms will reduce your confidence, lead to embarrassing scenarios and stain your nice shirts.

This article will be talking about the several ways you can control, manage and even stop underarm sweating.

Strong Antiperspirant are not your regular chalky, shirt-staining, deo-perspirant combos you can buy from any retail store. This is a clinical strength antiperspirant that has been medically proven to stop sweat not just to mask the bacteria-laced sweat odour as most retail deodorants do. The aluminium chloride found in the antiperspirant is the one responsible for blocking the sweat, so try and find an antiperspirant with high levels of aluminium chloride (above 14%) the next time you visit the drug-store. If you suffer from excessive underarm sweating or hyperhidrosis, visit your doctor and he/she will be able to suggest some other stronger prescription antiperspirants.

Once you have your most preferred antiperspirant the next tip is on how to apply antiperspirant correctly for the best results. You may not be aware of this but applying antiperspirant after taking a shower in the morning is actually not the right way to do it. Even though most people do it this way, you will not be getting the most out of your antiperspirant. Once you apply it, the antiperspirant needs time and a dry area to block sweat. Applying it during the night after taking a shower is preferred as the temperatures at that time are low and suitable for the antiperspirant to work its magic. It is also important to apply it on clean dry, skin, any previous residue should be cleared of for best results. Also having excessively hairy underarms can hinder the effectiveness of the antiperspirant. Try to be patient as some antiperspirants don’t work instantly.

The way you decide to dress is also very important when regulation how much you will sweat. During hot days try to wear light clothes and vice versa when it’s cold. For individuals who sweat excessively regardless of whether they are doing a workout or sitting in front of the telly, how you dress comes in handy as a sweat regulator. Put on light, breathable fabrics that offer ample ventilation thus keeping temperatures down and reducing sweat levels. Try to also avoid colours such as grey, light blue and other bright coloured clothes that are sweat amplifiers. Try to wear more sweat concealing clothes such as blacks, dark blue and distracting patterned clothes. Hoodies and jackets are also perfect sweat concealers.

One of the most influential factors that will affect just how much you sweat is diet. Other than influencing your health and physique, what you eat plays a big part on determining your sweat levels. Consuming or avoiding certain kinds of foods can make you sweat more or less than normal. Some of the tweaks you can add in your diet include staying hydrated, avoiding spicy food, cutting down on processed and fatty foods, avoiding caffeine, taking more Vitamin B rich foods, and eating your fair share of fruits and veggies.

It may not be a typical way of reducing sweat since you are going to be actively sweating throughout the workout, but exercise has been proven to reduce sweating. This is considered as a way or reducing sweating since working out is able to lower stress hormone cortisol and can also trigger the release of endorphins that reduce pain perception, provide a feeling of satisfaction, and actually help you in relaxing similar to morphine. A combination of lower stress levels due to reduced cortisol and the release of endorphins keeps your body relaxed and at ease. This minimises the chances of excessive sweating responses to your daily stressors.

Meditation is a great stress reliever and can actually be the answer to treating your excessive sweating. Practice some meditation techniques will prepare your mind adequately for potentially stressful situations. Take deep, slow breaths to come your nerves, focus on the moment and don’t get caught up in a million “what if” thoughts. Also, whenever you start sweating, try not to obsess over the sweating.

There are some amazing home remedies that you can do for yourself in response to excessive sweating. Applying some items in your home that when applied to the underarm offer natural astringent properties that tighten your skin and close sweat pores. Some examples of these include apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, alcohol, sage tea, and black tea. Other natural products without astringent properties but can be used to reduce or absorb underarm sweat include backing soda, chamomile tea (reduces stress levels), wheatgrass (keeps sweat triggers off), potatoes (absorbs excess sweat), and baby powder (absorbs excess sweat). These home remedies, for the sake of transparency, are not lab tested or medically proven to be effective on a large scale but that doesn’t mean they don’t work.

For people who prefer medically proven treatment for excessive sweating, there are several prescribed drugs available for stopping sweating. Remember to always talk to your doctor and get a prescription of the type of medication that is right for you. Some of the more common prescription drugs include Glycopyrrolate, Propantheline, Benztropine, and Oxybutynin.
Finally, there are medical procedures and surgeries you can opt for. Some clinical procedures and surgeries that have been known to stop excessive underarm sweating include Botox® to Stop Sweating, miraDry, Iontophoresis (Injection without a needle), Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (most invasive), and Curettage for underarm (axillary) hyperhidrosis.

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