The Worst Dressed at the 2019 Grammy Awards


The most extravagant and sometimes ridiculous fashions get displayed at each of the Grammy’s seasons. The biggest stars in the music industry converged in Los Angeles for this year’s event. The hottest in hip hop, R&B, pop, country and more graced the red carpet at the show.

As with most awards, it was a fashion highlight night with some major fashion misses. This year, however, may have taken the cake as some of the celebrity choices on the carpet, were lousy. Some wore some daring selections and looked impeccable while others didn’t. There was an abundance of the bizarre on the red carpet and questionable forays that brought out mixed results.

The Little Big Town graced the red carpet and were fortunate to bag an award. However, quartet member Karen Fairchild’s dress was not winning any awards. Her outfits always push the limits, but this one was a little overboard.

Brandi Carlile can rock any pantsuit. She always looks great in them. However, these time her tuxedo-length jacket, bow tie, and intricate embroidery combination was questionable. It bordered on a costume!

BebeRexha was also among those with questionable outfits. It looked like shewas on her way to prom. Her dress had a complicated updo that was voluminously covered with ruffles and a plunging neckline. The color wasgreat, the dress was fit for the occasion, but could she maybe have reduced the ruffle volume? She looked like she was drowning in them!

Joy Villa joins the worst dressed celebrities in the Grammy’s with her politically oriented gown. Her ill-fitted silver dress mocked the Statue of Liberty. We agree that she is patriotic but carrying the Statue of Libertyto the red carpet is a bit too much! Her gown also looked like she had collected it from a rejected pile of wiring!

John Prine looked elegant in a black-on-black vintage inspired jacket. He completed his look with a gold-accented bolo tie. However, Whelan his wife ruined her sleek look with gold heels paired with a tasteful looking pair of charm encrusted socks. It also looks like someone forgot to tell Ashley McBryde that she was attending the Grammys. A little effort would have gone a long way.

We all know how the butterflies are becoming endangered, and I think Saint Heart was trying to be on their corner. However, her butterfly colored gown featuring actual wings didn’t hit the mark; itwas too literal.

Another who missed the mark was Tayla Parx. So many negative things were happening with her outfit. She looked like a five-year-old in one of those Disney cartoons. It had a bizarre shell-like frill, pearl embellishments and a scaly fishfinish that didn’t help the look.

Lele Pons dress had a beautiful pattern, but when incorporated into the bodice, the boots, and the train, it became an absolute overload! The thigh high boots and the lengthy train looked tacky, and she stood out for the wrong reasons. Ashanti’s dress was also a little much, and she looked like she just walked out of a costume store! Andra Day’s outfit also made her look like she was attending a prince themed costume party.

Blanca Blanco had a floral embellished dress that did not wow us. It had on some very sheer skirt, an awkward high slit and the bodice featured a tacky flower. Too many of the rugged cuts on the outfit made it look a little cheap.

St. Vincent chose a great fabric. The cape was great too. However, this design may have looked better on a different print. She looked like the enormous dress was about to swallow her alive. The huge train and high hemline were not helping either.

Katy Perry always looks great on the red carpet. This time her frock looked like a cupcake or like someone had attacked her with some pink paint. Another who loved the pink was Kylie Jenner. Her peculiar pink jumpsuit had built in gloves and a crisscrossed bodice. The outfit veered off from being a straightjacket, and one would swear her arms got caught up in the design.

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