Some of the Most Expensive Dresses in the World Today


You’ve heard of expensive yachts, expensive cars, and expensive diamond rings, but have you ever heard of dresses that cost millions of dollars? The million-dollar dresses exist, and the reason for their high prices is their uniqueness and rareness. Few are antiques worn by famous former celebrities who’ve since passed away. Others are made of precious stones while others with costly material.

Ginza Tanaka designed the Gold Coin Dressthat cost $267,948. Like her previous gold coin evening dress, this one looks fascinating. The previous one weighted 1.1 kg and was at the cost of $245,000. This gold coin dress is made of 15,000 Australian gold coins and weighs 10kg.

Marilyn Monroe’s Happy Birthday Dress joins the list at $4.8M. This is the dress Marilyn Monroe wore to John F. Kennedy’s birthday in May 1962. It has tiny sparkling diamonds all around the thin material used to design it .The dress, designed by Jean-Louis, had an initial cost of 12 thousand dollars. It was auctioned in 1999 and bought for 1.27 million dollars.The dress gained in value from then and was later auctioned in 2016 and sold for $4.8 million.

Julia Andrews worea beautiful dress in The Sound of Music, 1965. The antique dress was later auctioned and sold at $1.56 million. Maria Grachvogel precious dress also joins the list of some the most expensivedresses. It featured a silk diamond coated corsetencrusted with more than 2000 diamonds. The dress appeared for the first time on a runway and is estimated to cost $1.8 million.
Vera Wang, an American fashion designer, designed the Peacock Wedding Dress made of 2000 peacock feathers. The feathers are awesome and make the dress appear greenish. It took around 8 people to stitch the feathers onto the dress. It was revealed first inChina at the Wedding Exhibition in Nanjing. The dress is estimated to cost $2 million.

Debbie Wingham has designed several expensive dresses including the Black Diamond Dress. The luxury dress, sewn by hand with chiffon, satin,and crepe is fully encrusted with black and white diamonds each weighing 2 to 5 carats. Debbie Wingman, the designer, worked on the dress for six months. Its first exhibition was in Monte Carlo. The cost is estimated at $5.5 million while the dress weighs 13kg.

She also designed TheAbaya dress. The Abaya is expensive and estimated at the cost of $17.6 million. Designed in Dubai, it became her second most expensive dress. It consists of 2,000 black and white diamonds. It also has costly and rare red diamonds.

Yumi Katsura, another great designer created the Wedding Dress.This beautiful dress is decorated with 8.8 and 5 carats green colored and 502 faced cut diamonds respectively. It also decorated with thousands of real pearls. Shizuka Arakawa, the Olympic figure skating champion wore it first in a bridal fashion show in Tokyo. It’s estimated to cost $8.3 million.

Another expensive Wedding Dress is by Renée Strauss and Martin Katz. The two collaborated to create a pretty white gown. The luxury wedding gown has 150-caratflawless, sparkling diamonds stitched on it from top to bottom. The precious wedding gown first showcased at Ritz-Carlton in California. It costs $16.2 million.

Scott Henshall also created a million-dollar Diamond dress. The most beautiful thing aboutthis Diamonddress is that it’s designed to look like aspider’s web. It’s light in weight and contains over 3,000 tiny diamonds. The stitches are also diamond type printed on a cloth that is black in color. Samantha Mumba, the famous singer, was the first to wear it during the premiere of the Spiderman movie in 2004. It’s estimated cost is $9 million.

Faiyzali Abdullah, the Malaysian fashion designer, designed the Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur dress. It’s made of heavy materials including satin, taffeta, chiffon, and silk. It’s encrusted with 751 Swarovski crystals and 70-carat pear-shaped diamonds that glimmer in the dark. It’s the most expensive dress at $30 million. It was first shown in2009 at the Stylo Fashion GrandPrix KL.

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