Simple Tips to Reducing Belly Fat after Pregnancy


Do you still look pregnant even after giving birth recently? Does the squishy round tummy make you feel incapable of getting rid of that fat belly? Actually, this is a problem faced by many new mothers. However, it is vital to accept the fact that the belly stretched for nine months when accommodating and keeping the infant safe. Therefore, it takes time for the belly to transform back to the pre-pregnancy state. Nevertheless, continuous adjustment to proper care of the belly can accelerate this process. This article shares simple guidelines on how one can get rid of post pregnancy belly fat. But as a kick off let’s determine the reasons why new mom experience this condition and how long it takes before transforming back to normal state.

Fat belly after pregnancy is attributed to a number of reasons and one of them is the balloon like behaviour of the belly during pregnancy. The belly stretches out like a balloon as the baby grows but does not pop during birth. Even though most of the air is realised during birth, there is still some air in the balloon which has to be released slowly with time. Post pregnancy hormonal changes can also lead to the uterus contracting back to its normal status. Nevertheless, this process may take between 7 to 8 weeks. Mothers normally take a lot of food during pregnancy for the baby’s health which in the end is stored as fats in the body.

Shrinking back of the tummy takes time and it’s only in rare occasions where the process takes a few days. Few months are expected to pass by before the tummy returns to normally conditions but for some mothers this may take longer periods. This is not something to worry about since taking healthy and nutritious food, staying active and following the right instruction can help in reversing the situation faster. Let’s look at the suitable tips that can help one loss tummy fat after giving birth.

Here are ten good tips to enable any new mom in taking care of belly fats. The first tip is breast feeding which helps in reducing post-pregnancy tummy and losing baby fat in addition to enhancing the infant’s immunity. It speeds up the shrinking process of the uterus and so should be carried out as soon as the doctors approve it.

Another tip is walking since it offers a great opportunity for simple exercise that can help in reducing post-pregnancy belly. Even though it may seem not much after a day, walking is more beneficial when recuperating from frequent soreness, body aches and headaches. The idea becomes even more fun when a mother comes along with her baby on her evening park walks. It is advisable to carry the kid in a front pack but changes can be made according to the progress. New mothers are supposed to visit doctors regularly in order to track their progress and know the way forward.

Substituting appropriate meals with dietary supplements or skipping meals are some of the common mistakes new mothers make. In order to generate sufficient milk, it is vital that one gets high-quality nutrition. Proper postnatal development and maintenance of a quality metabolic cycle of the infant is enhanced by meals that contain micronutrients. New mothers should acknowledge doctors and nutritionist advice so as to gain more energy. Lean proteins, green tea, green leafy veggies, spices, other colourful veggies and water which flush toxins should be included in the meals.

Workout is another important tip for any new mother who wants to reduce the stubborn post-pregnancy belly fat. One can undertake about 20-30 minutes of strength training and cardio once the baby is asleep. Some of the exercises that can help include push-ups, triceps extensions, triceps dips, spot jogging, lunges, jack-knifes, leg raises, crunches, Russian twist, planks, jumping jacks, bicep curls, high knees and squats. However, one must consult a doctor on the exercises that she can engage in.

Yoga’s contribution to regulating body functions and its other advantages have been greatly praised by the Puranas and the Vedas. This is because the exercise gets the targeted organ accurately. One of the yoga exercises is anulom-vilom which is a breathing exercise that involves take out air from the diaphragm and confining it in the abs. Toning of the lower and upper abdomen is enhanced by the regular contractions (tightening and relaxation) which is brought about by inhalation and exhalation. As person grows stronger he time that they can hold the air is increased by maintaing a straight posture. This process also improves digestion by increasing gut movements and peristalsis.

Adequate sleep is also vital since it reduces the chances of toxins building up in the body. This can lead to constant inflammation makes fat receptors to move into the central region hence fat molecules being stored in the belly region. Even though getting enough sleep with the baby around may be challenging, new mothers must get enough sleep whenever possible.

To those mothers that slip into post-childbirth depression extreme diets is something to avoid. In order to get back in shape, some mothers may affect their babies’ health and also become malnourished by adjusting to extreme diets. Starving does not help but only makes the situation worse. Therefore, a dietician should be consulted before coming up with an extreme diet.

Body fats are also affected a hugely by stress and so knowing how to forego it is important. For the first few months babies may be quite handful in relieving stress since the mother will have sufficient time to undertake activities that she likes. During this stage it is important to practise meditation that will enable you to get quality sleep, release negative system energy, reduce background noise, aid in focusing and finally reduce interference of the babies sleep.

Just like body wraps, belly wraps enhances the acceleration of the uterus shrinking process and assist in tucking abs. Even though it is a traditional method of reducing belly fat, it also reduces back pains and improves posture. Normally a piece of soft cloth that is not too loose or too tight wrapped around the belly. Maternity belts found in the market can also be used but seek a doctor’s recommendation.

One of the most efficient ways of reducing body fat without the need of attending gym sessions is massage. New mothers can go for massages that aim at belly fat. Massages improve body metabolism while releasing and distributing fat all over the body. Weekly massages will offer a new mother better results in doing away with baby fat.

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