Simple Hair Curling Tips That Make Your Curls Last Longer


Are you tired of your regular look? Curls will do the trick. They are the perfect look for any weather. Plus, they allow you to experiment with your look every day. People with curly hair can spice up their look anytime. If your hair is fine, limp or poker straight, then you don’t have as many options. However, you can get that look you want by being a little innovative.

There are a few things you need to take care of though before you can achieve the perfect curls. Your hair must have the right hair volume. To achieve this, find out what kind of hair type you have, and then buy products that add volume to your hair. When shampooing, make sure you wash your hair thoroughly first with a light shampoo and conditioner. Light products will not weigh your hair down; they will also make your hair carefree and light so that it can keep the curls.

Your hair also must have the right texture to make the curls last longer. Those with thick hair don’t have to worry about texture. However, if your hair is limp, you need the right product to give it the right texture. Use a quality curling spray on wet or dry hair to achieve the right texture. The right finishing spray will also help your hair hold the curls longer.

People with good curly hair know that a good setting spray goes a long way. It helps lock the curls so that they can last longer. Using too many products damages your hair, but you can protect your hair by finding a heat protecting spray that also sets the hair fine.

You can also shield your hair from heat damage. Heat damage leads to split ends and frizzy hair which makes your curls look unruly. You may also have a problem making your hair curl in this condition. To give your hair the tender love and care it needs; trim it, condition it well and use a heat protectant cream or spray to protect it from heat damage.

Protecting your hair also means using the right curling tool. Use a flat iron instead of a curling iron for your hair. Most curling irons are not ceramic plated and will eventually damage your hair from heat. If you must use a curling iron, make sure it’s ceramic plated and that the curling rods don’t have clamps. A flat iron, on the other hand, especially one with rounded off sides makes better curls that last longer. Hot cullers are also another excellent option for people with limp hair. They provide you with various hair curl options. You can have a different look everyday by switching between loose waves, smallcurls or ringlets.

The good news is that you don’t need heat to make your hair curl. To avoid heat damage, go for a simple heatless curls’ procedure. There are so many ways to achieve heatless curls including using a sock, pencils or pens, a t-shirt, and paper towels. To get beautifulcurls, make sure the hair is wet but not dripping water. Note that the thinner the strips of t-shirt or paper towel, the tighter the curls.

To achieve this look with a t-shirt:

⦁ Cut small long stripsof the t-shirt starting from the neck to the hem.
⦁ Hold a small hair section and roll the t-shirt strip with the hair going upwards to the scalp. (This will depend on where you want your curls to start).
⦁ Tie the ends so that they hold the hair in place, then repeat the process for the rest of the hair.
⦁ Tie your hair with a band and either let them stay overnight or until the hair dries completely.
⦁ Unravel the curls slowly after the hair dries.

Once you’ve achieved your amazing curly look, spray it one last time to get rid of the frizz in the curls. Style them as you like and flaunt your curls!
What method of achieving great curls have you used and did you achieve the look you wanted?

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