12 Of The Oldest Women In History To Have Given Birth



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Dalijinder Kaur holds the record for being the oldest mother. She gave birth to a boy back in 2016 at the age of 72. Her husband, Mohinder Singh Gill at that time was 79. The son whom they named Arman meaning “wish” was there first. Kaur has been with her husband for nearly 5 decades in marriage without being blessed with a child. She began a two-year IVF treatment before finally being able to conceive. Although she did not have a birth certificate at that time, the hospital she underwent her treatment in placed her at the age of 72 even though she said she was 70 years old.
Her treatment came under fire as most fertility experts criticized the doctor (Dr. Anurag Bishnoi) for performing the IVF treatment on her at her elderly age., the doctor who provided Kaur with the fertility treatments, was criticized by other doctors and fertility experts for giving IVF treatments to someone as old as Kaur. These experts worry that Kaur’s success in having a baby will offer unrealistic expectations to other elderly women hopeful of bearing children of their own.


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